In the morning, we went to the Whitsunday Cairn, 4km return. There was no paved path or defined trail, only red triangle marks leading the way. It was not easy but we enjoyed the wilderness, and fun crossing the dense dry rain forest and grass tree bushes (Black Boy). The first 1/3 section was the steepest. We had to trek among rocks and tree roots. After this section, it was a lot flatter so we were able to see some strange flowers, long vines and tall trees around us, just like entering the Labyrinth of Pan (I did see a stick bug fly by).

Speaking of grass tree, it is a plant unique to Australia. The trunk is hard and textured with lizard skin-like texture (made of the base of leaves and resin), it’s dark in colour (also called Blackboy), the leaves are long needle-like, and they droop after withering forming grass skirts. It grows very slowly. It takes 600 years to a grow only 5 meters. Its flowers are at the top of a spear-like stem several meters high, with sweet nectar. This tree will not die from bush fire, but thrive with more flowers and fruits.

Passing through the thick long hair of black boys, we came to the top, overlooking the seascape and several small islands we had sailed through. There was a giant rugged boulder on the top, which is the Whitsunday Cairn.

While we were admiring the beautiful scenery and eating snacks, it started to rain, so we began to turn back, this time the dry rain forest turned into a wet one.

We moved to another place in the afternoon only 1.5 nautical miles away, so we won’t be annoyed by the noise of the mooring buoy banging the hull tonight.

We didn’t catch any fish tonight, so we had Fajita with vegetable mince.