This island is wonderful (except weekends). We planned to stay for a few more days.

In the morning, we took our red rubber dinghy to explore the rocks of the smaller beach again. This time we went further and almost reached the point of the bay. Walking and climbing on the warm rocks exposed to the sun was nice, and the level of difficulty is medium. Sometimes we needed to use our hands and feet to boulder, walk on narrow rock ridges, and jump between the rock cracks like a goat.

Near the point of the bay, there were whales jumping out of the water sometimes, making huge splashes of water, and sometimes they were swimming on the surface with their belly up, flapping their pectoral fins up and down like bird.

When we walked back to the beach, we found that our red rubber dinghy had disappeared. The tide had been going out, so it was impossible to be swept away by the sea, and it was impossible to run away with legs. Could it be that it was dragged away by some animal? It was so bizarre that I wondered if I was dreaming, but I still didn’t see it after I blinked my eyes. Later J found it behind a bush, and one of the oars was broken. It must have been somersaulting like a tumbleweed, because wind was blowing a bit strong from the sea. The scene must be hilarious to watch…


In the morning, I finally finished painting a turtle shell I saw on the beach of Pearl Bay. Every time I picked up that Alvaro paintbrush, it was like putting on the magical red dancing shoes, I couldn’t stop painting, and became more and more plunged into endless details. Actually doing realistic painting or drawing can be very relaxing (compared to imaginative or abstract painting). It basically doesn’t consume much energy. You only need to study the object well and copy the colors and shapes you see. Of course, you still need to train how to take the overall control.

In the afternoon, we rowed the rubber dinghy and landed on a small beach, picked up a dozen decent size oysters for dinner, climbed up rocks to see the bay, and walked into a dry creek with hundreds of blue butterflies.

In the evening, I made steamed oyster with vermicelli and wombok, topped with spring onion, ginger, garlic. I also made braised tofu just in case it was not enough to eat.