In the morning, we took the motor dinghy along the west bank of the inlet to see the beautiful rock formations. Some are eroded by water into the shape of apple cores, and some are like breaking waves, with light green rocky outcrops. The entire Whitsunday islands was formed by huge volcanic eruptions millions years ago, these formed thick layers of rock called welded tuff which makes up most of the islands

At noon we sailed to Cid harbour. It was only a very short distance so it didn’t take long. Due to the weak northerly wind, there are not many boats in the bay. J said normally there were lots of boats here.

The Coral Coast book by Alan Lucas says the best fishing time here is at dusk, with an incoming tide, and best to have a little bit of north wind. This sounded very much like tonight’s condition. Alan was right, not long after, each of us caught a fish, so dinner was sorted.