We went on Haslewood Island again at noon. There is a short walk at the southern end of the beach, leading us to a lookout. It was low tide so we could see the coral reefs near shore clearly.

There were hundreds of blue tiger butterflies on this island. This butterfly migrates like migratory birds, flying from south to north in winter and from north to south in summer. Their larvae eat a plant called Corky Milk Vine, which is poisonous, and they carry the poison to become butterflies, so birds will never eat them. Sometimes these butterflies can be seen trying to fly over the sea, but how can they resist the strong wind? I have also seen butterfly wings washed up by the waves on beach, romantic and sad. At least they tried…

I started fishing after lunch but caught nothing. J caught a bright red-striped fish. Since there was no Internet to find out what fish it was, we let it go to avoid food poisoning. Later, I found that it was a Squirrel fish, an aquarium fish.

For dinner, I had to open a can of chicken korma, which was bought at half price. I added a lot of vegetables and spices to it. The taste was good, but we could only find three pieces of chicken the size of my little fingernail.