Back to civilisation means keep being busy. In the morning, we went to supermarket for a big stock up. We fully filled a shopping cart and pushed it to dinghy dock. Fortunately, it was not very far. We unloaded the items and J went returning the cart. I moved the items into the dinghy and waited for him. Then we went back to our boat to unload, grabbed some nuts, bananas and apples for lunch, then jumped back into the dinghy to get petrol at the dock, where I saw some big and handsome sailboats.

Then we arrived at another dock, ran for half a kilometer to meet J’s doctor appointment (finger checking), then went to the pharmacy, grocery, supermarket, and then returned to the boat to sort out the stuff we bought. When we finished it was dark, so we had dinner out. While having our meals we were discussing the only few benefits living in civilisation including that you can enjoy food cooked by others at any time, buy all sorts of things, take a hot shower… and we couldn’t think of anything else. After dinner, we went to supermarket and bought a tub of honey nougat caramel flavoured ice cream. We finished it up!