I started a beautiful day by listening to Jazz on Saturday in bed in the morning. Then I made a PDF sales sheet for Dagmar, so the potential buyers could download and print it out. The pictures of the outside boat and text were roughly laid out. We just need some interior pictures to put in, but when thinking about the huge project of cleaning up the cabin for photo taking, we hesitated and skipped to the afternoon tea session directly.

In the afternoon, we went to another inlet, which coast was covered with hoop pines. The whole area is quite shallow, and we saw dugongs and a few turtles.

We started fishing again after sunset. J caught a decent size crescent grunter first. I thought I would catch a similar kind for dinner tonight. However, I didn’t catch anything and it’s already dark, I was giving up and pulling the line up. Suddenly I felt something on the hook. Sometimes it felt heavy and sometimes a bit loose, I thought it was another grunter. Yet it got heavier and heavier, I then realised it was not a small fish, the moment it came out of water I saw a very long silver fish! Its eyes were reflecting light of rose gold which I remembered, it was the kind of fish that escaped from my hook the other night. After catching it, I was so excited. I always catch fish bigger than expected to surprise myself. I measured it with a ruler and it was about 60cm long, which broke my personal record. This fish had long fangs in its mouth and looked fierce. It is definitely not a vegetarian. Later, I looked it up on the Internet. It is called wolf herring. Besides its long sharp teeth, It has a long and narrow silver body and a bluish back. It can grow up to one meter long. It feeds on small fish… I am ashamed to say most of my knowledge about certain fish was gained after I caught them, then I had the opportunity to observe them carefully and admire its perfect structure and beautiful appearance. Read a quote from Oscar Wilde: “Yet each man kills the thing he loves”, I think I am the other way around: I come to admire the thing I killed.

The only trouble was that the fish was too long to fit in the pan and plate, so I had to chop it into 3 parts and cooked in two ways. The fish was very delicious and tender, despite there were lots of thin bones, which made it harder to eat. We couldn’t finish it within one meal so we saved half of it for the next meal.