It was less windy today, so we pulled up the anchor at 11:30am and left Chalkies Beach which we had been staying at for several days. We sailed pretty fast with the southeast wind despite it being a bit rolly.

We were hesitating if we should sail to Butterfly Bay north of Hook island or not, considering that if the southeast wind was too strong next week, it will be difficult to come back from north. Later we decided to stay near the channel between Whitsunday Island and Hook Island, where we can check the weather. Arrived at the destination at 2pm, we picked up a public mooring near the shore. The water flow in the middle of the channel was strong, but the mooring was close to shore so not much flow here. We sailed 11 nautical miles today.

In the evening, J caught a small fish and I pan-fried it. I poured the remained hot oil on the vegetarian version of ‘ants climbing tree’(a Sichuan spicy dish traditionally made with vermicelli and minced pork). It was incredibly delicious.