We went onshore on Tongue Point in the morning, there is an outlook overlooking the entire Hill Inlet. The cover pictures of the Whitsundays brochures must were taken from here. When the tide was low, revealing the winding waterway, reminiscent of the aboriginal mythology Rainbow Serpent. Ngaro mythology says there were no islands in the world. The Rainbow Serpent passed by and laid some eggs that become islands… Some boats were anchored inside the inlet.  They must have driven in at high tide when it was calm.

Then we set sails and pulled up anchor to pass Tongue Point and head south to White Haven Beach. We sailed against headwind plus there were shallows to the left and sandy beaches to the right, and some rocks blocking the way in the middle. We had to tack a few times to reach the destination. Luckily we only had one bottle of ginger beer fall down and roll around, and the rest of the items remained there.

My first impression of White Haven Beach was that the sand was dazzlingly white. There were a couple getting married on the beach, even the lady’s wedding dress looked dull against the bright sand. The sand here has very high content of silica, which is caused by an ancient underground magma forming quartz-rich granite, which was then decomposed into fine sand and gathered here.

In the afternoon, we went ashore and had a walk. A little goanna straddled in the middle of the track and stretched its small arms to bask in the sun. It then sensed our movement and wiggled into the bushes again.

We walked up to the lookout and the scenery was infinite.

I made tacos for tea tonight, and I made a big mess while eating them. The sauce dripped all over my hands and my face. It is definitely not the food for a first date.