We set off at 9:30am and left our sheltered haven, Scawfell Island, where we have been staying for more than a week, living a life in isolation without mobile signals and no worries (later we found out that worried our families). If it was not for our gas nearly running out, we would like to stay longer. When we were leaving the bay, the boat encountered several currents, which made the boat quite rolly. A whale swung its tail right beside the boat then swam away. For whales, here may be a natural whirlpool spa also a good feeding spot, but it is not so comfortable for boats to sail in. We tried our best to secure stuff in the cabin before departure, but things were still falling out.

With the wind and waves, we set up goose wings. After passing some rocky islands, the boat began to go fast and smoothly, sometimes it reached eight knots!

Arrived at Goldsmith Island at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We sailed 30 nautical miles in total at a good speed today.

A yachtie near us said that they had caught some fish here. I was motivated and started fishing as soon as we dropped anchor, but I caught nothing. For dinner, we had to eat Singapore noodles again.

Tied a Telstra phone to the top of the mast at night and barely had some signal. I contacted my family immediately to let them know we were safe. Of cause they had been worried, while we were enjoying the tranquility in Eden. I should have told my family before that we would be out of civilisation for a few days, but neither did we know we would be waiting for wind to drop for so long in Scawfell Island where there was no signal at all.