Peggy-Anne showed up near us again, it’s high time we go and visit them.  In the afternoon, we took J’s homemade atheist buns, some nuts, and non-alcoholic beer to their boat and only found Norm by himself on board. His girlfriend Wendy recently left the boat to attend her sister’s 70th birthday party. Unfortunately the Queensland border began to close a few days ago, so she was trapped in New South Wales and could not come back, but he planned to start going south to New South Wales tomorrow with northerly wind.

The boat was modified on the basis of a catamaran motor boat. He added a mast and sail to it. The boat interior is spacious like a small double level apartment. There are living room, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, and even a heater. It is very suitable for elder people who would like live on boat.

Norm told us his story. He dropped school at the age of 13 and began to learn skills. At the age of 19, he built his first boat, then start making engines, later he became a TAFE teacher. Later years, he set up a small marine exhibition centre for children to visit and touch marine life. But everything was burned by a lunatic one night. After that, he started sailing along the coast, and he said it was the best years and never wanted to go back to live on shore. He also made a Facebook page to share his sailing videos, where he made lots of friends.

At sunset, beside our boat, a mother dolphin with a small baby dolphin practiced smoothly coming up to breathe. The cute little dolphin always jumped too high and fell on its belly clumsily making splashes. Unlike its mother, she made perfect curves with no splash.

We had potato braised pork for dinner tonight.