At nine o’clock in the morning, we left Cid harbour heading towards White Haven. The wind was weak at the start. As soon as we passed the passage between Hook Island and Whitsunday Island, the southeast wind became strong. Swells made the boat quite rolly. At noon, we sailed behind the Border Island just to make and have lunch, and then came out again. We decided to shorten our trip to Tongue Point instead. We tacked a few times on the way. The boat leaned from one side to another, of course something in the cabin fell on the floor again. This time was the rice container. Rice was scattered over the floor everywhere, and it needed a good clean up.

A total of 5 hours and 17.5 nautical miles we sailed today.

In the evening, I caught a lizard fish to cook with eggplant and added a little bit of green curry to taste.

Reading back my previous journals, I found myself doing a good job, kept writing everyday(I didn’t publish all of them) for two months. I’ve never achieved this even when I was forced to write summer holiday diaries in primary school. A childhood story came to mind: One year my ‘gu nai nai’(a distant relative who stayed with my family and looked after me since I was a baby) was going back to her hometown to visit her family. Before she left, I kept asking when was she coming back. She handed me a stack of manuscript paper and said if I would write a diary or draw a picture on each piece of the paper every day for more than 30 days, she would be back. The first few days I did what she told, yet the following days I couldn’t think of anything to write(what a boring childhood I had…) so I just marked the page number every day, as long as I didn’t stop (I believed that once I stopped she won’t be back). I couldn’t remember how many pages were numbered but she finally came back and brought me a big goose egg… When I was young, I always thought that she could live with me for ever. Later, she got married and went to Hong Kong, which made it not very convenient to see her. I now live in another hemisphere. It is not easy to see her even more…