Last night there was not a hint of wind and the boat was motionless, felt like we were on the ground again. This morning however was blowing a good southeast wind which would make it hard to cross Wide Bay Bar today.

In the morning J phoned his friend James who had spent 12 days sailing alone from New Zealand back to Australia, arriving at Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, and was told not allowed to come in, but had he flown from New Zealand, he could easily come in, as New South Wales has opened its borders to New Zealand(apparently only by air). The government rules are simply unbelievably ridiculous and he now has no choice but to appeal to the media.

Trying to make scallion pancakes for lunch, the ideal product looks like this.

And I made something like this.

Fortunately, the taste was great, so I just ignored the look.

In the afternoon, I caught a blue swimmer crab using stinky chicken hearts as bait, and in the evening I made crab noodles.


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