Got up at 6am found the sun was a bit harsh already. We left Humpybong at 7am and headed towards the Brisbane River. Mustang has a shallow draft so we decided to take the short cut in shallow area, only 5 feet deep of water. I can’t imagine going through this area with Dagmar.

Once in the river channel the wind stopped, so mostly we were motoring. Passing those big giraffe cranes, huge cargo ships, rumbling factories, we were slowly making our way back into industrial civilisation. I was tempted to turn the boat around and head back out to sea, but I’d better go onshore and take a shower first.

Back in Bulimba at 10:30 am and we found not much had been changed since we left, except that Di’s boat was on Dagmar’s mooring and Kevin’s mooring had an unseen boat on it… later Kevin came out of the new boat and told us he changed the little sail boat to this. We were allocated on Doug’s mooring, which is closer to shore.

After settling the boat, we had a big hug on the deck to celebrate the completion of our journey which lasted four and a half months. My heart was fulfilled. Thanks to the captain for bringing me along so I was able to discover and love this wonderful lifestyle. The sea has taught me a lot. I returned to be a braver, stronger and gentler person.

When I told my parents we arrived safely, they asked me to open a bottle of champagne and go have ice cream to celebrate. I said I’ll wait until Trump was voted out. Mum replied ‘it will be real soon!’

Went to Vietnamese Mint for dinner tonight and I had my favourite wok fried kuey teow.